$1000 Toward Custom Glamping Tour

$1000 Toward Custom Glamping Tour



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Use this $1000 Voucher Toward Any Custom Glamping Tour with Arizona Luxury Expeditions. Tours can be customized throughout Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, including the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Give Arizona Luxury Expeditions the locations that you're interested in, plus any activities that you would like to experience, and they will customize a tour to fulfill all of your vacation desires with VIP service. INCLUDES: -$1000 Toward Custom Glamping Tour Our professional staff does all of the work! Lodging includes extra large expedition tent (3 guest capacity per tent) outfitted with comfortable necessities, including towels, chairs, lighting, fully dressed queen beds (twin beds if needed), with extra Pendleton wool blankets, end tables, dressers with wash basins and mirror, luggage rack, and a fully supplied shower caddie. Every tour includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks, water, and fresh fruit. An experienced local guide will assist in the planning of exciting excursions, uncovering hidden secrets, culture, history, and the wildlife of some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. We will help you explore like a local, while being treated like our VIP guest. All-inclusive cost per day starts at $1150 for 2 guests Location: Multiple Details: Select from many desirable destinations Restrictions: Subject to availability. All custom glamping tours are a 2 night minimum. Must book package within 12 months of purchase. Valid: Valid for a wide range of dates throughout the year

A note from Shine on Humanity: Once upon a time when someone asked "how's the weather" they were making polite conversation. Today, we are plagued by continual weather crises of historic proportions that require continued attention to news about the weather. This online auction is raising money to support "Against the Odds: The Power of Community to Overcome", a multi-platform media project to examine how we cope with the new reality of frequent, devastating natural disasters. The project, created and produced by our associate, Dr. Susan J. Eddington, is anchored by a documentary, filmed in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, the top three states in the U.S. to be affected by declared disasters. In the film we will share the stories of people who have lived through repeated natural disasters, how they cope, and how communities and government adapt to this new reality. We intend to tell the story with a focus on how people and communities recover and develop resilience as we work together to build a more sustainable future. Your support will help us achieve that goal.

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