Indy 500 Paddock Box Experience

Indy 500 Paddock Box Experience

Just Rewards in Indianapolis, IN

Just Rewards in Indianapolis, IN

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The first (and oldest) automobile race in America, the Indianapolis 500 has established itself as a piece of American history. From the moment the Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened for business on August 19, 1909, the 2.5-mile oval in America's heartland has been the testing surface for most of today's automobile manufacturers. Since then, the Indy 500 has tested everything from improved gas-tanks through safety belts and today lays claim to the greatest Formula One race in the USA. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it’s famously known as “The Brickyard,” getting its name from the surfacing project in 1909 when 3.2 million street paving bricks were laid. Though the track is asphalt today, one yard of the brickwork is exposed at the start-finish line. INCLUDES: - 2 night accommodations in Indianapolis in a 3.5-4 star hotel - Breakfast daily and all hotel taxes - Two reserved paddock box tickets to the Indianapolis 500 Package inclusions are for two people and may be customized to include additional nights, guests, tours, upgrades or activities. Location: Indianapolis, IN Details: Indy 500 Paddock Box Experience, Indianapolis, IN Restrictions: Does not include air travel. Book early for a hotel nearer to the track. Certificate expires 18 months after event date. Valid: The event is traditionally held over Memorial Day weekend.

A note from Shine on Humanity: Once upon a time when someone asked "how's the weather" they were making polite conversation. Today, we are plagued by continual weather crises of historic proportions that require continued attention to news about the weather. This online auction is raising money to support "Against the Odds: The Power of Community to Overcome", a multi-platform media project to examine how we cope with the new reality of frequent, devastating natural disasters. The project, created and produced by our associate, Dr. Susan J. Eddington, is anchored by a documentary, filmed in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, the top three states in the U.S. to be affected by declared disasters. In the film we will share the stories of people who have lived through repeated natural disasters, how they cope, and how communities and government adapt to this new reality. We intend to tell the story with a focus on how people and communities recover and develop resilience as we work together to build a more sustainable future. Your support will help us achieve that goal.

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